What Are the Characteristics of a Tomboy?

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In a society that expects men to be rough and women to be soft and gentle, embracing the inner tomboy can help females stand out and appreciate their unique personalities. Tomboys often have competitive personalities, whether they have a genetic drive for winning or were taught by their parents that second place is not good enough. They are drawn to risk-taking behaviors and seek success in many domains.


The word “tomboy” can be traced back to the early 15th century when the term was used to describe a boisterous boy. The word was derived from the male name Tom, which meant “boy.” At the time, it was a stereotypically male name used to signify a boy’s brawn. Later, it was used to convey an immodest or bold girl.

The term “tomboy” is also used to describe heterosexual or gay young women who behave and play like boys. Their gender identity is non-conforming, and they often play with other boys more than with their gender. Typically, a tomboy identifies as a boy and prefers to play outdoors more than with girls.

The nineteenth century saw the emergence of tomboyism in the United States. Many social elites associated tomboyism with breeding white people. Women in the middle class often weighed 25 pounds and wore tight clothing. These social constraints were a product of the so-called “cult of true womanhood.” The cult of domesticity was a repressive social environment that promoted an ideal of submissiveness and stickiness among women.

The word “tomboy” has its origins in the fifteenth century. It was initially used to refer to a woman who was immodest or lascivious. By 1592, the word “tomboy” became the preferred way to refer to a boisterous girl or boy. Since then, the term has expanded and is now more aligned with the word’s modern meaning.

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The word “tomboy” is derived from the name Thomas in England. Thomas was a common first name in the early 16th century and was often used to describe a boy. However, it also had connotations of a male who was aggressive and uncouth.


Being a tomboy can be difficult for a girl, especially in her early years. Society has many pressures and expectations, and being a tomboy is rugged. Although you may want to be a girl, you must learn to adjust to your new identity. Many tomboys find it challenging to fit in with their peers and families. Some girls get pressure from their mothers and family to behave like a girl, while others have to deal with the rejection and criticism of their male peers.

Although being a tomboy has its challenges, it can be an expression of your unique self. It is an expression of your identity and your self-discovery. Many tomboys face challenges in a culture that values gender binary identities. One of the most common issues a tomboy meets is that people assume their gender based on their behavior. It would help if you never let anyone make assumptions about your gender identity based on your behavior or expression.

More feminine and attractive girls might surround you as a tomboy. This can lead to pressure to wear girly clothes. This can be uncomfortable, impractical, and embarrassing. In addition, it may feel awkward to be a tomboy in public because they do not know how to dress appropriately.

Despite the pressures, a tomboy often has higher self-esteem than girls who do not identify as tomboys. Studies have shown that playing sports in school or their community may help a girl’s self-esteem. By participating in sports, tomboys also tend to have higher athletic skills, which buffer against self-esteem issues.

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To look like a tomboy, you should wear masculine and not girly clothes. Tomboys usually dress like boys, wear sports gear, and participate in physical activities. In some cultures, these activities are considered unfeminine and reserved for boys.

The tomboy look can be easily transformed into a more feminine look. For instance, wear a solid-color coat and skirt with a sweatshirt underneath. Alternatively, you can choose a more feminine style, such as white sneakers and a messy bun. To create a stylish outfit, you can mix and match different items. Moreover, new trends have given a fresh outlook to tomboys.

A tomboy can also wear makeup to enhance their look. Makeup is a personal choice, and some tomboys use concealer to hide blemishes. While avoiding eye makeup and lipstick is advisable, tomboys can still enhance their look with a subtle lip gloss.

Tomboys love hoodies. A zip-up hoodie or a regular sweatshirt will keep the tomboy warm in colder weather. You can also tie a hoodie around your waist to give you a relaxed and boyish look. Moreover, hoodies will look great with boyfriend jeans.

A tomboy-esque look is not brutal to create and wear. A polka-dot button-down shirt, wrinkled jeans, heavy construction boots, and a baseball cap are a few things you can try. Other tomboy-ish items you can try include denim shorts, a blue jacket, and black ankle-high boots. Adding jewelry and a wide-brimmed hat can also help you achieve the look.

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A tomboy’s look can also be achieved by wearing wingtips, a mirror image, and a t-shirt with a loose-fitting top. A tomboy-styled look can also look edgy and feminine at the same time.

Flirting style

A tomboy flirts in a way that is different from how a girl teases. The main difference is that tomboys emphasize touch and physical contact, while girls use indirect flirting methods. This difference is significant, especially for girls, who may be embarrassed or frightened if they mimic masculine behaviors. Tomboys also prefer clothing that is easy to wash and is less expensive than girly clothing. Nevertheless, tomboys should still wear clothing appropriate to the situation.

A tomboy isn’t into dressing up for dates and doesn’t update her social media accounts all the time. Instead, she’ll prefer a guy who encourages her active lifestyle. In general, tomboys date boys of the opposite sex but can also date men of the same sex.

Flirting with a tomboy can be difficult, but there are a few tips you can use to make it easier. For one, try to be funny! Girls like guys who are flirtatious and witty. Another good piece of advice is to keep your body language open. Making eye contact with a girl is a good idea, increasing attraction.

When flirting, be yourself. Don’t try to be perfect or too obnoxious. Flirting is a way to express yourself and get the other person’s attention. When done correctly, it can lead to dates. Moreover, flirting can lead to more meaningful interactions.

Cell phone

Cell phones are the ultimate accessory for a girly girl, but tomboys use their cell phones to communicate and not to swoon over a guy. Instead, they send texts to ask questions or to notify someone of important information. They also don’t constantly tweet or add people on social media. Instead, they use their cell phones as a way of helping them stay in touch with friends and family.

Teens appreciate the convenience of cell phones and have become dependent on them. In one recent study, a teen said that her cell phone provided her with the security she needed and made her feel safer. She said she became “hysterical” if she left it at home, afraid something might happen. This security can be critical to teens and parents alike, and a cell phone provides this peace of mind.

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