Do Indian Men Like Tomboys?

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If you wonder if Indian men like tomboys, you are not alone. Most Indian men prefer a tomboy over a girl, but you should understand that a tomboy is a different type of girl than a girl who talks terribly about girls, shops, and always wears dresses. Instead, Indian men prefer a girl with a fantastic personality who likes to wear boy clothes.


Indian men are known for their traditional values. Their family comes first. As a result, they tend to be very defensive about perceived inadequacies. They also do not exercise as much as other races, so they have never been particularly athletic or fit. This doesn’t mean that Indian men aren’t physically attractive. Indian men can get ripped and be very smooth around the ladies, as long as they believe in their worth and attractiveness.

Indian men like tomboys for different reasons. Some are more suited to contemporary periods than older tomboys. For example, they don’t want girls who shop, gossip about girls or wear dresses all the time. Instead, they prefer to date girls who act cool and wear unusual boy clothes.

Do Indian Men Like Tomboys? photo 1
Do Indian Men Like Tomboys? photo 1

To stop this harmful cycle, young women have taken matters into their own hands. In a conservative area in northern India, 7,000 villages have anywhere from 150 to 200 surplus men. These men are often fueled by cheap local liquor. Young women have gotten involved in this movement by forming groups of young girls under a cotton tent in the center of the village.

According to a survey, Indian men prefer Indian-style women. Eighty percent of men said they would like a woman who wears red lipstick on the first date. They also want a woman who makes the first move. A woman who wears red lipstick is a woman who is bold and confident. Tattoos and red lipstick are also a big draw for men. In addition, men don’t judge women on their selfies.

The perception of gender roles in Indian society has changed in the last century. However, attitudes toward gender roles in the family may not have changed much since then. A long-running survey has shown that attitudes toward gender roles have changed the most in the last decade. However, they still do not agree on whether women and men should share equal responsibility for earning.

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Do Indian Men Like Tomboys? photo 2

Why do they like tomboys?

Indian men love tomboys, but not in the usual sense. They like cool girls who aren’t too girly and who wear odd boy clothes. Most Indian guys are nerds and aren’t too social. Luckily, you can make an impression on these guys if you’re not afraid of being an outcast in a group of guys.

Why do they prefer sons over daughters?

The question “Why do Indian men prefer sons over daughters?” has often been pondered in Indian society. One theory suggests that the son’s preference is because the son is expected to help the parents in old age. Sons also contribute to the family’s wealth and property. In addition, they play essential roles in religious and cultural rituals. And unlike daughters, sons can marry outside their family’s caste.

Nevertheless, this preference has decreased over the last two decades. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5), conducted in five states between 2015 and 2020, men in India still prefer sons over daughters. A recent study showed that over 15% of respondents chose to have more sons than daughters. But the number of women wanting more daughters was nearly unchanged.

Do Indian Men Like Tomboys? photo 3
Do Indian Men Like Tomboys? photo 3

In the past, Hindus and Muslims had the highest ratio of sons to daughters. However, the proportion of daughters has increased among Sikhs and Christians. However, this is still significantly below the proportion of Sikh and Muslim women who prefer sons. The numbers show that some Indian parents prefer daughters over sons.

However, there are ways to reduce this tendency. One way is to increase investment in girls’ education and skills. During prenatal sex selection, girls are less likely to be neglected than boys. This has long-term implications, both at the individual and macro levels. For example, neglected female individuals will have lower human capital and lower income and job opportunities during adulthood.

In India, most women have been taught that their only value is producing sons. Having a son protects against abuse and acts as a bargaining chip. In addition, having a son may give a daughter more control over her life. Consequently, daughters-in-law with sons are often treated better than daughters-in-law without sons.

The trend isn’t unique to India. It is the norm across many key central Indian states. In these areas, men are more likely to prefer sons over daughters. And this isn’t surprising. The trend isn’t changing, according to leading psychiatrists in the country.

Why do they prefer bold and self-assured girls?

A recent study by TrulyMadly, which surveyed more than 6,450 men in India, revealed that men prefer bold, self-assured women. Interestingly, most men also find women who make the first move attractive. Nine out of ten men find women with self-confidence and confidence a turn-on.

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